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Gospel Aerobics Sports Mug!

32 oz Sports Bottle with our Gospel Aerobics logo!

Only $2.00 each!
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Gospel Aerobics T-Shirt!

Our T-Shirts are 100% Heavyweight Cotton and are available in XL and XXL sizes.
Only $10.00 each!
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Weight-Loss-“A Plan from God”

This book is Debbie’s personal testimony and journey documented. Included are quotes from the Gospel and how the Gospel relates to our lives everyday. Also included is exactly what Debbie did to achieve her weight loss (exercise management, scheduled meals, etc.)
Only $5.00 each!
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Dump the Waste of Spiritual Strong Holds

This book is a spiritual guideline and workbook. It discusses and helps you get rid of the strongholds that hurt your spiritual and physical being.
Only $3.00 each!
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Your Personal Journal

This journal is ready for you to start recording your journey to being “Made Whole” physically, emotionally and spiritually. It includes an introduction from Debbie, goal planning and management, and daily quotes from the Gospel to inspire you throughout your journey.
Only $5.00 each!
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If God can do it for me, He will do it for you! All things are possible to him that believes (Matthew 19:26).
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